MYSURU - 570020

HR Profile

  • Prabhasankar P (Chief Scientist )

    Wheat Science and Technology, Pasta, Bakery and Traditional Products, Gluten Free Products, Food Biochemistry More Details >>

  • Ashwath Kumar K (Technical Officer)

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  • Basavaraj Mundalamani (Sr. Technical Officer (3))

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  • Crassina Kasar (Sr. Scientist )

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  • Dhanashekar P S (Sr. Technician (3))

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  • Gangadharappa G H (Sr. Principal Scientist)

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  • Inamdar Aashitosh Ashok (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    1. Wheat milling and baking 2. Wheat based product development 3. Fortification of flours and wheat based pro More Details >>

  • Mohan Kumar S (Principal Technical Officer)

    More Details >>

  • Saravanan M (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

    Food and Soft-Materials, Bio - Inspired Nano Materials. More Details >>

  • Soumya C (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

    Wheat science & technologyBakery products More Details >>

  • Sudha M L (Principal Technical Officer)

    Wheat science and technology, Wheat based bakery, traditional and extruded product development, by-product uti More Details >>

  • Sudhir G Walde (Sr. Principal Scientist)

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  • Suresh Diliprao Sakhare (Principal Scientist )

    Wheat Milling Technology, Flour Fortification, Grain Fractionation, Wheat Dough Rheology, Development of Specia More Details >>

  • Venkatesha R (Group - C (NT) - Higher (MACP))

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  • Vijayanand P (Chief Scientist)

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  • Pradeep Singh Negi (Chief Scientist)

    (1) Fruits and Vegetables Preservation; (2) Food as medicine More Details >>

  • Revathy Baskaran (Sr. Principal Scientist)

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  • Vanitha T (Sr. Scientist )

    Postharvest and Processing of underutilized fruits and vegetables, Nutritional evaluation of fresh and process More Details >>

  • Venkatesh K (Sr. Technician (2))

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  • Vijayalakshmi M R (Principal Technical Officer)

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  • Vithal Balavant Kudachikar (Sr. Principal Scientist )

    1.Post harvest Technology of Fruits and vegetables, 2.Food Science and Technology 3.Food Irradiation Technology More Details >>

  • Meera M S (Sr. Principal Scientist)

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  • Jayadeep A (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Analytical biochemistry with respect to nutraceuticals & bioactive property; Effect of natural products on bioc More Details >>

  • Mohan Kumari H P (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

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  • Mohd Shakeb (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

    B-TECH: Mechanical POST GRADUATE PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT(PGPM): Marketing & Operation More Details >>

  • Shruti Pandey (Principal Scientist)

    Food and Nutrition, Food fortification, Product development and value addition, Shelf life studies of the produ More Details >>

  • Somanna (Lab. Assistant)

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  • Sreerama Y N (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Main Area of Specialisation: Biochemistry/Food Chemistry More Details >>

  • Umesha B A (Sr. Technician (1))

    FITTER (TECHNICAL) More Details >>

  • Usha Dharmaraj (Sr. Technical Officer (3))

    Processing and value addition to cereals and grains More Details >>

  • Attar Singh Chauhan (Sr. Principal Scientist )

    Diversified Food Product (Liquid, Semi-Solid, Dried Segment/Slice and powder) standardization. More Details >>

  • Amudha Senthil (Principal Scientist)

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  • Asha M R (Principal Technical Officer)

    Food Science and Nutrition, Consumer Research, Behavioral Sciences, Nutrition and Mental Health, Application potential of Acoustics in Food Research, Neuroplasticity. More Details >>

  • Babylatha R (Principal Technical Officer)

    Traditional Foods/fried foods/ frying oil More Details >>

  • Chetana R (Principal Technical Officer)

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  • Chikkaswamy S (Group - C (NT) - Higher (MACP))

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  • Jyothi Lakshmi A (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Food Science and Nutrition More Details >>

  • Manjula T C (Lab. Attendant (2))

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  • Radha C (Principal Technical Officer)

    Isolation of biomolecules for health benefits; water purification using proteins; Converting waste to value usi More Details >>

  • Ramakrishnan P (Sr. Technician (2))

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  • Sachin M Eligar (Principal Scientist)

    Functional food carbohydrates; Anti-cancer signaling pathways; Lectins & Glycobiology More Details >>

  • Sridevi Annapurna Singh (Director)

    Protein Chemistry More Details >>

  • Sudheer Kumar Yannam (Principal Scientist)

    Food processing using radiation technologies, Sensory Science, Beverage development, Product commercialization More Details >>

  • Madhava Naidu M (Chief Scientist)

    Plantation products, spices and flavour technology More Details >>

  • Anil Kumar K (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

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  • B B Borse (Sr. Principal Scientist)

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  • Bettadaiah B K (Principal Scientist)

    Synthetic organic chemistry, food chemistry, Flavors and acylglycerols More Details >>

  • Hafeeza Khanum (Sr. Technician (1))

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  • Nagarajan S (Sr. Principal Scientist )

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  • Nanishankar V Harohally (Principal Scientist)

    Carbohydrate chemistry, Prebiotic Chemistry, Metal Organic Frameworks , Organic synthesis using Homogeneous & Heterogeneous catalysis, Nano materials, NMR & NIR Spectr More Details >>

  • Pooja. J A Rao (Jr. Scientist)

    Chemistry More Details >>

  • Pushpa S Murthy (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Biotechnology, Microbiology Food science More Details >>

  • Sachin Rama Chaudhari (Senior Scientist)

    Methods development in solution and solid state NMR and their applications to the food chemistry world. More Details >>

  • Shivakumar L (Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Shivaswamy (Principal Technical Officer)

    Spice constituents and bio-active compounds More Details >>

  • Venkatesha P (Lab. Assistant)

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  • Sathish H S (Chief Scientist)

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  • Shinde Vijay Sukhdeo (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

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  • Shiva R (Group - C (NT) - Higher (MACP))

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  • Suresh P V (Sr. Principal Scientist )

    Microbial Biotechchology and Fermentation More Details >>

  • Tanaji Kudre (Sr. Scientist)

    Seafood chemistry and biochemistry, Novel and value-added product development, Meat quality and safety studies, Food processing wastes valorization, Marine nutraceuticals and More Details >>