MYSURU - 570020

HR Profile

  • Ravendra Pratap Singh (Chief Scientist)

    Bioactivity of plant materials, purification and characterization of active compounds More Details >>

  • Anbarasu K (Sr. Scientist)

    Cancer Biology; Exosome Biology in cancer; Mitochondrial Dynamics; Exosome delivery of bioactive peptides against cancer. More Details >>

  • Asha Martin (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 1. Unravelling the molecular mechanisms behind the health benefits of key nutrients: We are investigating natural foo More Details >>

  • B Pulla Reddy (Sr. Technical Officer (2))

    Cardiovascular disorders, Metabolic disorders & Neuro degenerative diseases More Details >>

  • Gnanesh Kumar B S (Scientist)

    Glycobiology and mass spectrometry. More Details >>

  • Harish Prashanth K V (Principal Scientist )

    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biophysics; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Fisheries; Food Science & T More Details >>

  • Muthukumar S P (Sr. Principal Scientist )

    Veterinary & Laboratory Animal Science, Animal Models, Biochemistry, Biotechnolgy, Food Science & Nutrition More Details >>

  • P. Vijayaraj (Principal Scientist)

    Lipid Biochemistry, Fats and Oils More Details >>

  • Perumal Madan Kumar (Sr. Scientist)

    SREBPs in Obesity, Fatty liver and Cancer; Stellate cell biology. More Details >>

  • Ramaprasad T R (Principal Scientist)

    Fatty acids, and lipid soluble bio actives in - inflammatory diseases, cognition, and neuro-inflammation More Details >>

  • Suresh Kumar G (Principal Scientist )

    Biochemistry - Diabetes, obesity and its complications More Details >>

  • Syed Musthapa M (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Epigenetics of Cancer Stem Cells Nutri-epigenomics and Cancer Bioactive diet and Cancer Prevention & Therapy More Details >>

  • Uma V. Manjappara (Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Y N Murali (Lab. Attendant (2))

    More Details >>

  • Prakash Motiram Halami (Chief Scientist)

    Food Biotechnology; Molecular Biology, Bionanotechnology & Bioinformatics More Details >>

  • Dasari Swaroopa Rani (Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Kempe Gowda N (Group - C (NT) - Higher (MACP))

    More Details >>

  • M V R K Sarma (Sr. Scientist)

    Bioprocess Engineering, Systems Biology, Metabolic Engineering More Details >>

  • Mahejibin Khan (Principal Scientist)

    My group is working to understand the interaction between food and the gut microbiome which regulate gut microbial dynamics and brain functions. Based on my initial hypothesis More Details >>

  • Mohammad Ziaulla Y (Lab. Assistant)

    More Details >>

  • Mohan A Dhale (Principal Scientist)

    Secondary metabolites-pigments, Microbial physiology, Anti-infectives, Toxicology, Metabolic disorders and Functional foods More Details >>

  • Mukesh Kapoor (Principal Scientist)

    Carbohydrate Enzymology, Protein biochemistry, Gut Microbiome, Molecular Biology and Heterologous protein expression, and Industrial Biotechnology More Details >>

  • Neelakanteshwar Patil K (Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Praveena Bhatt Mudliar (Principal Scientist)

    Pre-, Pro-, and Post-biotics, Gutmicrobiome modulation in health and disease, Biosensors More Details >>

  • Rajagopal (Chief Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Roopavathi C (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

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  • Somashekar D (Principal Scientist)

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  • Vikash Singh Chauhan (Chief Scientist)

    Spirulina and Microalgal Biotechnology; Mass cultivatiion of Microalgae; Microalgae for value-added products, food, and nutraceutical applications; Microalgae to combat maln More Details >>

  • Giridhar Parvatam (Chief Scientist)

    BIOTECHNOLOGY and FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Dr. Giridhar�s research focuses on the cross-cutting themes of Food biotechnology specifically in the interface of plants and More Details >>

  • Nagaraju M (Lab. Attendant (2) )

    More Details >>

  • Nandini Prasad Shetty (Principal Scientist)

    Understanding the molecular regulation of senescence in leafy vegetable. Identification of nutraceuticals , Und More Details >>

  • Sandeep N Mudliar (Chief Scientist)

    Development of cleaner and greener processing methods in Ayurveda/Phyto-therapy for immune health; Indigenous high--performance Photobioreactors for Plant and Algae culti More Details >>

  • Sreedhar R V (Principal Scientist)

    Exploring and utilization of newer sources of healthier lipids with special reference to Omega 3 fatty acids. More Details >>

  • Nandini C D (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Glycobiology, Dietary factors, Product development More Details >>

  • Gopinath M S (Principal Scientist)

    Non-coding RNAs in wound healing and cancer, edible nanotechnology, skin diseases More Details >>

  • Kunal Sharan (Scientist)

    Understanding the molecular and cellular basis for the modulation of bone mass by food-derived molecules. More Details >>

  • Poornima Priyadarshini C G (Sr. Scientist)

    Prior to joining CSIR-CFTRI, Poornima Priyadarshini C G was a scientist at CSIR-CIMAP Research Centre Bengaluru More Details >>

  • Ravi Kumar (Sr. Scientist)

    i) Mechanism of chromosomal partitioning in bacteria: We aim to understand the role of partitioning proteins in More Details >>