MYSURU - 570020

HR Profile

  • Ravendra Pratap Singh (Chief Scientist)

    Bioactivity of plant materials, purification and characterization of active compounds More Details >>

  • Anbarasu K (Scientist)

    Cancer Biology; Exosome Biology in cancer; Mitochondrial Dynamics; Exosome delivery of bioactive peptides against cancer. More Details >>

  • Asha Martin (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 1. Unravelling the molecular mechanisms behind the health benefits of key nutrients: We are investigating natural foo More Details >>

  • B Pulla Reddy (Sr. Technical Officer (2))

    Cardiovascular disorders, Metabolic disorders & Neuro degenerative diseases More Details >>

  • Gnanesh Kumar B S (Scientist)

    Glycobiology and mass spectrometry. More Details >>

  • Harish Prashanth K V (Sr. Scientist )

    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biophysics; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Fisheries; Food Science & T More Details >>

  • Muthukumar S P (Sr. Principal Scientist )

    Veterinary & Laboratory Animal Science, Animal Models, Biochemistry, Biotechnolgy, Food Science & Nutrition More Details >>

  • Perumal Madan Kumar (Scientist)

    SREBPs in Obesity, Fatty liver and Cancer; Stellate cell biology. More Details >>

  • Ramaprasad T R (Principal Scientist)

    Fatty acids, and lipid soluble bio actives in - inflammatory diseases, cognition, and neuro-inflammation More Details >>

  • Ravindra P V (DBT- Ramalingaswami Fellow)

    Life-style associated disorder (Diabetes), Nutrigenomics, Sports nutrition, Food supplements, Artificial Intelligence. More Details >>

  • Suresh Kumar G (Sr. Scientist )

    Biochemistry - Diabetes, obesity and its complications More Details >>

  • Syed Musthapa M (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Epigenetics of Cancer Stem Cells Nutri-epigenomics and Cancer Bioactive diet and Cancer Prevention & Therapy More Details >>

  • Y N Murali (Lab. Attendant (2))

    More Details >>

  • Prakash Motiram Halami (Chief Scientist)

    Food Biotechnology; Molecular Biology, Bionanotechnology & Bioinformatics More Details >>

  • Dasari Swaroopa Rani (Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Kempe Gowda N (Group - C (NT) - Higher (MACP))

    More Details >>

  • M V R K Sarma (Sr. Scientist)

    Bioprocess Engineering, Systems Biology, Metabolic Engineering More Details >>

  • Mahejibin Khan (Sr. Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Mohammad Ziaulla Y (Lab. Assistant)

    More Details >>

  • Mohan A Dhale (Principal Scientist)

    Secondary metabolites-pigments, Microbial physiology, Anti-infectives, Toxicology, Metabolic disorders and Functional foods More Details >>

  • Mukesh Kapoor (Principal Scientist)

    Carbohydrate Enzymology, Protein biochemistry, Gut Microbiome, Molecular Biology and Heterologous protein expression, and Industrial Biotechnology More Details >>

  • Neelakanteshwar Patil K (Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Praveena Bhatt Mudliar (Principal Scientist)

    Pre- and Pro-biotics, Biosensors More Details >>

  • Punil Kumar H N (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

    More Details >>

  • Rajagopal (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Roopavathi C (Sr. Technical Officer (1))

    More Details >>

  • Somashekar D (Principal Scientist)

    More Details >>

  • Vikash Singh Chauhan (Chief Scientist)

    Spirulina and Microalgal Biotechnology; Mass cultivatiion of Microalgae; Microalgae for value-added products, food, and nutraceutical applications; Microalgae to combat maln More Details >>

  • Bijesh (Technical Officer)

    More Details >>

  • Giridhar Parvatam (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    BIOTECHNOLOGY and FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Dr. Giridhar’s research focuses on the cross-cutting themes of Food biotechnology specifically in the interface of plants and n More Details >>

  • Nagaraju M (Lab. Attendant (2) )

    More Details >>

  • Nandini Prasad Shetty (Principal Scientist)

    Understanding the molecular regulation of senescence in leafy vegetable. Identification of nutraceuticals , Und More Details >>

  • Sandeep N Mudliar (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Development of cleaner and greener processing methods in Ayurveda/Phyto-therapy for immune health; Indigenous high--performance Photobioreactors for Plant and Algae culti More Details >>

  • Sreedhar R V (Principal Scientist)

    Exploring and utilization of newer sources of healthier lipids with special reference to Omega 3 fatty acids. More Details >>

  • Gopinath M S (Principal Scientist)

    Non-coding RNAs in wound healing and cancer, edible nanotechnology, skin diseases More Details >>

  • Kunal Sharan (Scientist)

    Understanding the molecular and cellular basis for the modulation of bone mass by food-derived molecules. More Details >>

  • Nandini C D (Sr. Principal Scientist)

    Glycobiology, Dietary factors, Product development More Details >>

  • Poornima Priyadarshini C G (Sr. Scientist)

    Prior to joining CSIR-CFTRI, Poornima Priyadarshini C G was a scientist at CSIR-CIMAP Research Centre Bengaluru More Details >>

  • Ravi Kumar (Sr. Scientist)

    i) Mechanism of chromosomal partitioning in bacteria: We aim to understand the role of partitioning proteins in More Details >>