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ಮೈಸೂರು - 570020

Rajeshwar Shantayya Matche

Chief Scientist


Email : rsmatche@cftri.res.in

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Prediction of shelf life of moisture sensitive foods using mPACK software. Accelerated shelf life studies. Active and smart packaging systems. Modified atmosphere packaging.

Area of interest

Design of Ethylene Scavenger for ethylene sensitive fresh products for extension of shelf life Use of bio-antim

Awards and Certificates

"Lactic Acid Based Spoilage Indicator for Milk" Mrudula Guggilla, B. Rajeshwar, S. Matche, Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science S1 68-72, 2016 "Modification of linear low density polyethylene film using oxygen scavengers for its application in storage of bun and bread." R S Matche, S sreekumar and B Raj, Journal of Applied Polymer Science Volume 122, Issue 1, pages 55–63, 2011. “Effect of post-harvest treatments on shelf-life and quality of litchi fruit stored under modified atmosphere at low temperature” Semeerbabu, M. T. Kudachikar, V. B. Baskaran, R. Ushadevi, A. Matche, R. S. Ramana, K. V. R. JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY VOL 44; NUMB 1, page(s) 106-109, 2007. “Modification of ethylene acrylic acid film for antimicrobial activity”, Matche, R. S. Kulkarni, G. Raj, B. JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE VOL 100; NUMBER 4, page(s) 3063-3068, 2006. “Shrink Packaging of Fresh Mango and Bell Pepper for Extension of Shelf-life” N. R. Sahoo, and R. S Matche, INDIAN FOOD PACKER, VOL 60; No. 3, pages 52-56, 2006 “Applications of Plastics in Food Packaging”, Matche, R. S. Raj, B. PACKAGING INDIA VOL 38; NUMB 5, page(s) 33-48, 2006. “A Low Cost Commercial Technology for Pineapple Handling and Transportation to Boost Rural Economy of Northeastern States” S M Aradya, H M S Kumar, R S Matche, M N K Prakash S M Pandian, K R Kumar and K V K Ramana, J. of Rural Tech. Vol.1, No.3 April 2004