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Present Incubatee

Athletebit Healthcare is recognized as a Start-Up by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP#21565), Government of India.

The products are scientifically formulated wherein the ingredients are carefully selected from the natural matrix for optimal nutrients to
increase energy, maintain electrolyte levels, lessen muscle fatigue and increase antioxidants during sporting activity.

visit website: www.upperclimb.in

Indibean Speciality Coffee, is a start- up, working on development of innovative coffee beverage products. 1st in the list is "Coffee Cola" - An Natural Alternative for existing synthetic cola and energy drinks in the market. "Coffee Cola" is Ready to Drink Pure Coffee beverage infused with fizz to give thrill and offers health-taste-convenient to the consumers.

"Coffee Cola" will be launched soon and will be available in "bottle and on the tap". We are also developing few more coffee based unique products which would come to the market.

From picking of Coffee fruits to packing of the beverage, each process step meticulously researched. We procure coffee directly from farmers which adds value to their produce.
We are one of the winners of Start up Karnataka Elevate Award.