CFTRI Alumni's focused motto is "We care for the hungry children on the globe" that reflects our deep concern for the large number of children who go to bed with empty stomach day after day. A conservative estimate of the starving children the world over is 6 per cent. In the developing countries a staggering 18 per cent of the population, most of whom are women and children belong to this underprivileged group (FAO Report 1999). Our Alumni Association would like to do its mite to alleviate this problem, targeting particularly the hungry children whose health status will have a bearing on the health of our future world. In this connection, we have planned to generate a corpus fund to support programmes in this area. It is planned to establish linkages with Non Government Organisations (NGO) for societal missions as well as with research programmes directed towards alleviating nutritional deficiency. You will realize that this fund has to be a substantial amount for any meaningful implementation of such programmes. On the occasion of CFTRI Golden Jubilee Celebrations and Alumni get-together in July 2000, it was proposed to take positive steps to address the problem of hungry children of the globe. CFTRI Alumni Association requests you to help mobilize donations towards the corpus fund meant for achieving these objectives. Could you, therefore, contact Industries and individuals who matter in your area/country and solicit generous contributions for this noble cause? The association has the hope and confidence that you would do your utmost in this endeavor.

Mode of Payment

The contributions may please be sent to:
Dr. Iboyaima Singh, Head Office
CFTRI Alumni Association,
CFTRI Campus,
Mysuru - 570 020.

With a copy through Email address to director@cftri.com
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