Posted on 12-09-2002
Congratulations to our Alumni Dr. T.S Srinivas Gopal

Sri T.S Srinivas Gopal receiving ICAR Award from Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture Sri Ajith Singh.
We are proud to inform that our alumni Dr. T.S Srinivas Gopal received ICAR award for outstanding multi-disciplinary team research in Agriculture and allied sciences 1999-2000.

The ICAR Award for the Team Research for Biennium, 1999-2000 is given to Dr. T. K. Srinivasa Gopal and his team for their significant contribution in Fish Products Technology.

Fish curry is a processed item presented in a ready-to-serve style. It can be preserved both by freezing and by heat processing. Discoloration, desiccation, rancidity and requirement of cold chain are the common problems met with in frozen curry storage. When heat processed in conventional tin cans or aluminium cans, the problem development of a metallic taste in the product besides a certain amount of discoloration is encountered. Extensive work carried out at the CIFT has been able to develop a suitable three-layer configuration of flexible pouches, based on polyester /aluminium foil/ cast polypropylene, which can perform the packaging function equally well as metal cans, economical, energy inexpensive and is free from all the disadvantages of cans. Retortable flexible pouches are manufactured in India employing the configuration suggested by the CIFT. They are as good as imported pouches. The CIFT has standardised the process for the production of fish curry out of marine and fresh water resources,chicken curry, fish paste, fish moli, fish sausage, coconut beverage, coconut masala curry, tuna in oil, kheer/payasam and mushroom curry in retortable pouches. These products can be kept for long periods at room temperature and do not require refrigeration for storage. These findings can pave the way for the introduction and popularization of retort pouch technology for processing various food products like fish and fIsh products, poultry, mushroom and milk products. As the products packed in retortable pouches have longer shelf-life at room temperature, they will be ideal for catering defence forces working in difficult terrains, as well as for domestic and export markets.

The research work was carried out at the Central Institute for Fisheries Technology, Cochin, Kerala.

Thanks to Sri. Raghuramaiah

Sri. B. Raghuramaiah
It is heartening to note that our Alumni Sri. B. Raghuramaiah who is the Director of Food Ingredient Specialities Private Ltd., Chennai during his recent visit on 12th September 2002 to Mysore met Dr. V. Prakash, Director, CFTRI and Chief Patron of the Association at his office and handed over a sum of Rs. 10,000.00 towards the prestigious programme initiated by CFTRI, Alumni Association "We Care for Hungry Children on the Globe".

Sri. Raghuramaiah's support to this cause will enthuse our other alumni members to come forward in support of this noble programme.

Thank you Sri. Raghuramaiah and we wish you all the best and look forward for active interaction with alumni association.

It is important for the Alumni to note that Sri. Raghuramaiah is presently President Designate of the Association of Food Scientists and Technologist (India) who will be hosting the International Food Convention (IFCoN) in 2003.

Please watch out for the first announcement and block your date for the mega event.
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